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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

it was 5 years ago today notorious pedophile Donnie Snook was arrested!!

My was 5 years ago today notorious pedophile Donnie Snook was arrested...I know EXACTLY where I was where I was when I heard the News.....I was in Bathurst....I received this email after Blogging the story ---

Mr. Charles Leblanc,

I have known Donnie Snook for quite some time. In fact, over a decade. You said it yourself, in the beginning you never would have thought. This is the case with myself as well. Knowing Donnie the way I do, I am truly blown away by what has transpired. However, it does not give you the right or the individuls that respond to your blog the right to make a mockery of the situation by pictures or drawings of children in the mind of Donnie Snook. It is a real shame that you and the ones who respond can find humor in such a tragedy. Your blog has the potential to be moderated and subjects at hand could be discussed at a mature level. To all the bloggers responding, try thinking of the victims of these tragic circumstances. That being the children involved, the other children that knew him and trusted him, and his family members, former colleagues and friends who trusted him and were truly unaware of the circumstances. This is an unfortunate tragedy for all of those involved. please treat it as such. With that being said, if you had any respect for yourself, that would allow you to have respect for others and this blog site would be truly what it is meant to be.

Darrell Bastarache

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