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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Fredericton Library and Fredericton Police Force viewed by Blogger!!!


Once upon a time, there were computer access centres throughout the city, which allowed anyone who could afford a computer or afford internet access had an access centre in the immediate community eig, Barkers Point, Devon, Marysville and so forth. Once these access centres were closed, it put more demands on the Library's public computers. These access centres had qualified IT personnel the offered courses as well. From the higher end course, they were able to generate some revenue.

The Access centres for giving the public access to their computers and the internet. This, in my opinion, was a better system over what we have now in the sense that the staff access centers only had to focus on the computers. Whereas the Libary their staff is responsible for the entire library not only the computer room.

Maybe it is time to re-access community computer access centres, it may be that only one or two access centres placed in strategic locations would serve the needs of those who need the service.

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