God's sent a message to Pain in The Ass Blogger!!!
Come on now? Why would Fredericton Police video C.U.P.E. Protest for injured workers?????

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Monday, 15 January 2018

It was 6 years ago today Blogger was force to plead guilty and Fredericton Police ALLOWED to do their dirty business inside the Court Room!!!!


Idiot should be charge!!!!


Sunday, 14 January 2018

George Piers FINAL Good Bye at the Fredericton Farmer's Market...

Saint John Bishop Robert Harris will order St.Anthony's Church in Fredericton shut down!!!!

Is President Donald Trump A Raving Lunatic?


Here we have an absolute dork, Charlie, who would have no idea what-so-ever how to manage a shit house, much less run the affairs of a super-power nation. My, my, my, Donnie Bumbles and Kim Jun Un. TWEEDLE DUM and TWEEDLE DEE!!!!!! AND THESE TWO SHITHEADS ARE IN CHARGE OF THE NEUCLEAR CODES!!!!!! Put this pair in a burlap bag, give 'em one f---uva good shake, and they still wouldn't have two clues to rub together. Two clueless bastards???? YOU GOT 'ER PAL, straight and to the point. Two more dangerous dinks, you would never wanna see. When these two get into the neuclear shit, Charlie, you wanna bend down and kiss yer ass good-bye, "cause they're blowin' you, me, and everybody else FROM HERE TA SHANGHAI!!!!!! And don't you EVER, EVER, EVER, forget, my friend WHERE YOU HEARD IT FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Donald Trump

By André Faust
On the question of Donald Trump's mental fitness, I have to come to bat for him. There is no doubt that his approach to the presidency is quite out of the extraordinary and his twits are what you expect from a middle school. But does that translate that he is mentally unstable?

I would argue on his behalf he is very stable and rational. What he is doing is catering to the populace mentality, in other words, the herd mentality. The reality is the populace most of the time is in error. As professor Dr Leo Stauss points out in his book "Natural Right and History". As individuals, we can be very smart but as a group, we can be very stupid and give into our emotions rather than our rationality to influence our opinions.

Trump has been consistent throughout his campaign and up to now consistent with his presidency. He has been transparent in that respect. He is giving his voters what they want. While I don't agree with his methods or his political philosophy I do not give into arguments that he is mentally unstable.
What he is using is a strict business model to run a country, I would argue that it is the business model that is flawed. Trump simply represents that flaw.

His behaviours suggest that he scores high on the Macheolvelian and the megalomaniac scale but that doesn't make him mentally unstable, crazy. A number one "DICK", yes, but not a crazy man.

The American people voted him in, It doesn't matter what I think of him, he was elected by the democratic process. So if the Americans voted in a "Shit head" then they have to live with it. That what democracy is all about, sometimes you get what you want and sometimes you get what you don't want.

There is a danger of playing the mental health card because the interpretation of behaviour is not a constant, what is seen as abnormal at one period of time is seen as abnormal at another period of time and vice versa and therefore can be used against anyone who doesn't conform to the current Ideology.

If Donald Trump were to be removed from office because his opponents see him as mentally unfit that would set the precedence that would allow removing someone from office on the abstract idea of what constitutes mental illness because you don't like the way they are doing things.

Personally, Trump and the whole American mindset is an object of political/sociological study. A study that will either affirm the current research or refute political and sociological theories.
Unless he violates any legislation, mental issues is not a justification for removal.

Bathurst Mayor Paolo Fongemie is asked many questions by Pain in the Ass Blogger!!!

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Fredericton Library and Fredericton Police Force viewed by Blogger!!!


Once upon a time, there were computer access centres throughout the city, which allowed anyone who could afford a computer or afford internet access had an access centre in the immediate community eig, Barkers Point, Devon, Marysville and so forth. Once these access centres were closed, it put more demands on the Library's public computers. These access centres had qualified IT personnel the offered courses as well. From the higher end course, they were able to generate some revenue.

The Access centres for giving the public access to their computers and the internet. This, in my opinion, was a better system over what we have now in the sense that the staff access centers only had to focus on the computers. Whereas the Libary their staff is responsible for the entire library not only the computer room.

Maybe it is time to re-access community computer access centres, it may be that only one or two access centres placed in strategic locations would serve the needs of those who need the service.

Confronting New Brunswick Liberals if James Irving decides who's in Cabinet????

Deputer Hedard Albert est ENCORE confronter par le Blogger a propos du Sprayage des Forets!

Department of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Gilles LePage confronted about BAD Policies at WorkfaceNB!!!!!

What's bothers me with this picture is he's a Native and the Sheriffs are parading this guy in front of the media....but in the Dennis Oland's case? They chase the media away??? Why this Racist Double Standard Policy??

Fredericton Sheriffs continue to push Racist and Double Standard Police at the Justice Building!!!!

it was 5 years ago today notorious pedophile Donnie Snook was arrested!!

My was 5 years ago today notorious pedophile Donnie Snook was arrested...I know EXACTLY where I was where I was when I heard the News.....I was in Bathurst....I received this email after Blogging the story ---

Mr. Charles Leblanc,

I have known Donnie Snook for quite some time. In fact, over a decade. You said it yourself, in the beginning you never would have thought. This is the case with myself as well. Knowing Donnie the way I do, I am truly blown away by what has transpired. However, it does not give you the right or the individuls that respond to your blog the right to make a mockery of the situation by pictures or drawings of children in the mind of Donnie Snook. It is a real shame that you and the ones who respond can find humor in such a tragedy. Your blog has the potential to be moderated and subjects at hand could be discussed at a mature level. To all the bloggers responding, try thinking of the victims of these tragic circumstances. That being the children involved, the other children that knew him and trusted him, and his family members, former colleagues and friends who trusted him and were truly unaware of the circumstances. This is an unfortunate tragedy for all of those involved. please treat it as such. With that being said, if you had any respect for yourself, that would allow you to have respect for others and this blog site would be truly what it is meant to be.

Darrell Bastarache

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Crisis at the Fredericton Community Kitchen!!!

I showed up there today for the first time in 3 to 4 weeks.

I sat down for my nice meal!!!

Then I noticed something that just wasn't right!!! I was told the Kitchen dishwater broke down two weeks ago and the Volunteers and workers are force to wash the dishes by hand!!!

The only individual was Tony < Cross Dresser >

I didn't finish my meal and went to work. I might add there also two Hard working Females helping.

They seem to have break down in communication with the Plumber. I couldn't believe they went without a dishwasher on Christmas Day!!!

But after over one hour of non stop work.

We got the work done!!!

I wonder how much longer the Fredericton Soup Kitchen will go without a Dishwasher????

Another Noel goes by.....

Blogger received a Christmas Gift but gets VERY paranoid!!!!!

Does Bishop Robert Harris from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Saint John understand New Brunswick???

Fredericton Daily Gleaner covers addicted woman stealing toilet paper but WILL NOT cover Fredericton Police Officer Danielle Carmichael Court ordered Peace bond for uttering Death Threats!!!