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Sunday, 5 November 2017

New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame REJECTS Acadian Legend kick Boxer World Champion 23 times Jean-Yves < Iceman > Thériault!!!!


  1. Why because is french acadien,not win enough 23 time title because is not in Temple never work for gouvement someone sleep again world championship kick boxing 23 time people have not education to recognize this man that a joke

  2. That's a real shame, he is the hardest kicking, hardest punching fighter the sport has ever known.

  3. Ils ya beaucoup de iceman au nb nous les citoyens.. we the people... vont changer ca....Mr Jean Yves theriault.. de paquetville..mais resident a hull ottawa... merite bien d etre introniser

  4. SVP Jean Yves comment sur say pour nous Les francophones en ton nom comme acadiens

  5. En Francais -