God's sent a message to Pain in The Ass Blogger!!!
Come on now? Why would Fredericton Police video C.U.P.E. Protest for injured workers?????

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Sunday, 12 November 2017

My last video as a Blogger before the camera hit the ground and broke... my fault


  1. That's a sasquatch, Charlie, FLY THE HELL OUTTA THERE FOR GOD SAKE!!!! That's one of those RED LIBERAL COMMUNIST BASTARDS!!!! Don't ever, ever turn yer back on 'em.

  2. Well well well what does red liberal communist got to do with SIR CHARLES looking for a clear cut Irving will do what ever they need to do . And Charles what's the big ordeal in finding the clear cut you know their nothing we can do about this. Get a DROM.

  3. BLOGGER throws in the towel time for a party.