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Come on now? Why would Fredericton Police video C.U.P.E. Protest for injured workers?????

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Friday, 3 November 2017

MLA Donald Arsenault is FIRST confronted by the Blogger about his resignation from Politics!!!!

Media was all around the New Brunswick Legislature looking for Donald Arsenault then I noticed he was right behind me.... < I never saw him coming > me off guard....


  1. BRING BACK ABEL, BRING BACK ABEL, THE ONLY POLITICIAN WITH NUTS, BESIDES ELSIE WAYNE THAT EVER EXISTED!!!!!!! Bring back true democracy, bring back freedom of speech, bring back freedom of opinion and tell all these politicians, bloggers, self-righteous ass-holes and fat-ass welfare bums to GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You know who I am, ya big dope!!!!!!!!

  2. The sad, sad epataph of a long suffering maple bud fan, Charlie, no two ways about it. GO SENS GO!!!! GMM FOREVER!!!!!!

  3. Charles this self center ASS HOLE has nothing better to do with his time but bash the public. For someone that realize on the public for a living the comments are really really no called for. I'm really surprised no one has come back on this ass hole .