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Friday, 3 November 2017

Gary Blundell from Fredericton died last night......

This is in the movie i played in....Paul Robichaud never collected that pension....Gary was going to begin to collect his old age pension next month....will blog more on the sad issue later...:(

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  1. I am very saddened, and shocked to hear of the passing of a friend of mine named Gary Blundell. I have known Gillrie for years when I used to work at the shelter both as a volunteer, and also as an attendant on the late night shift in the summer of 2004. I last spoke to Gary just a few weeks ago in Kings Place at the food court walking down the hall he would always say hello. I know him well and thought well of him I feel so bad that he passed away , And I will miss hearing him say hello Mike it’s Gary.

    Please let me know Charlie, if there is any funeral with me arrangements made and who is taking care of the details, I would like very much to send a condolence to the family.

    I will miss you My friend.

    Gary Blundell
    Requiescat in Pace
    Rest in peace