Native Female Protectors at Sisson Mine are visted by the Blogger!!!!!!

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Thursday, 16 November 2017

Fredericton State of the City Address 2017 officials are confronted by the Blogger!!!

Fredericton Men Shelter tell battered Male to put daughter up for adoption before they will help!!!

Blogger Charles LeBlanc returns with new Camera!!!!

Day 4 without Camera...doing good...:)

Seen a few issues but couldn't do anything but other people are taking pictures for me...such as the School Bus being stop by the Police and the poor guy who jumped off the Fredericton Walking Bridge...Politicians in session at the New Brunswick Legislature and VERY happy the Pain in the Ass Blogger is out of Business....:P...someone is picking me up this morning...going at Grand Lake to talk with a guy who shot a Deer full of poison...could be from Spraying.....will use the driver's camera.......stay tuned...

Tobique First Nation Native Terry Sappier sits down with Blogger to discuss the action at Sisson Mines!!!!!

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Possible suicide on Walking Bridge in Fredericton????

Someone took this picture and made a video today at Bridge...

Fredericton Police are doing their job.....

Fredericton Police are doing their job...FOR ONCE!!!....P.S. Thanks to the individual who sent me this picture...since I have no camera...people have to be Bloggers...:) see something? Send them to me at

Fredericton Police are hunting down the less fortunate in the Capital!!! video or pictures so you will have to take my word on this issue. Saw 2 different episodes this morning alone....

Someone have a video of a possible jumper on the Walking Bridge.

Fredericton Police totally ignored this guy!!

I don't need a camera. Everyone start doing videos and send them to me.

Video will be shown tonight...stay tuned!!

Minister of Social Development Lisa Harris tells Blogger Special Care Nursing Homes in Miramichi will be Unionized!!!!

Day 2 without Camera in Fredericton....

Doing good...heard a Siren..never went to look what was going on...saw a politician across the street...just ignored him...< couldn't be bothered >...Fredericton Police surrounding a Panhandler..I just walked by < cop almost took a heart attack >.....Politicians are leaving the New Brunswick Legislature happy ..< no pain in the ass blogger around >...all is good in the Capital....:)